Driver CPC


Certificate of Professional Competence with Paul Williams

Any driver that completes a course with us will be CPC registered. This means that they receive a Certificate of Professional Competence from us which is government approved and will need to be kept for your own records when driving certain vehicles which the license is for.

To receive your CPC you need to do a number of steps. The first is a theory test of your hazard perception and knowledge of driving on the road. The second step is studying certain case studies taken online which are based on real life scenarios. Then comes the actual driving section where your driving skills are tested and then on to the final step of showing you can load your vehicle effectively and safely. Step one must be passed to apply for step three, and step two must be completed to apply for step four.

In order to get your award you must pass all four sections, failure to do so would mean resitting the whole test from the start until you have passed properly. For the online sections we are fully licensed to direct you to the correct areas and you can then complete it at the correct time to coincide with your practical test with us. Our pass rates are very high and resits are a very rare occurrence but we do offer resits to anyone that needs one.

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